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About the Business Advice Agency (BAA)

Before we opened to the market, BAA undertook an extensive three-year Research and Development phase. This period was dedicated to dissecting the landscape of business support services, appraising their impact on enterprises, and formulating effective solutions yielding tangible outcomes. Our analysis yielded several critical insights:

·         Approximately 60% of businesses falter within their first three years, with a notable 50% of these being profitable.

·         The realm of one-on-one coaching is riddled with a high presence of individuals lacking business acumen and official


·         Small businesses in need of coaching often confront exorbitant fees that exacerbate their financial challenges.

·         Business support providers frequently offer solutions for isolated issues, leaving owners to seek multiple sources for

holistic support.

·         A shortage exists in offering both DIY options and comprehensive, guided support.

·         Geographical limitations hinder enhanced networking and access to certain services.

·         Genuine real-time assistance and an engaging support platform are lacking.

We acknowledge the absence of resources available to smaller enterprises, similar to those accessible to larger corporations, predominantly due to financial barriers. However, BAA has strategically identified and tackled these challenges. Over three years, we have meticulously devised practical, cost-efficient resolutions. Today, these solutions are conveniently accessible through our user-friendly business support centre.

The Business Advice Agency boasts a comprehensive and diverse platform brimming with valuable resources. With over 200,000 courses, including many free options, downloadable tools, business training, and management software, as well as round-the-clock support, local and national networking opportunities, and more. BAA exclusively features "Certified Professional Business Advisors," all accredited by the Institute of Business Advisors, guaranteeing you receive expert advice that truly benefits your business.

Furthermore, BAA takes pride in its respected panel of experts, a prized asset valued for their knowledge, skills, and industry prowess. These experts play a pivotal role in driving organizational operations, upholding our values, and effectively serving our members. By tapping into their firsthand business acumen and understanding of entrepreneurial challenges, they offer exceptional support services. Collaborating with BAA, they generously share their expertise, insights, and services, enhancing the quality of support. This collaboration underscores our commitment to excellence, ensuring business owners receive unparalleled guidance and assistance at a reasonable cost.

Meet some of these experts below.

Although the Business Advice Agency is a relatively new and innovative player in the Business Support industry, collectively, our team have hundreds of years of experience! This was by design, to ensure our members receive the very best service and support, backed by extensive experience throughout many fields.

BAA's Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision:
BAA is committed to being the “guardian angel” for business owners, rescuing them from the hazards of unqualified advisors and flawed information. In our pursuit of excellence, we have crafted a visionary subscription model that not only safeguards entrepreneurs but also delivers unparalleled value. Subscribers gain unlimited access to precisely tailored support, providing them with the critical insights needed to navigate the complexities of the business landscape.

Our commitment to fostering success goes beyond mere guidance – it's a commitment to fostering a community of thriving businesses. BAA's cost-effective subscription model not only mitigates the risks associated with unqualified advice but also presents business owners with an invaluable resource that empowers them to make informed decisions. By choosing BAA, business owners are investing in a partnership that not only shields them from pitfalls but propels them towards sustainable growth and prosperity.

Our mission:
Is to redefine business support, eradicating the uncertainty plaguing SMEs. Through a unified platform of expertise, tools, and courses, we combat the scourge of inadequate information and unqualified advisors. BAA is dedicated to providing secure, accessible, and cost-effective solutions, ensuring business owners nationwide have the support they need when they need it. We are committed to restoring confidence, structure, and success to every entrepreneur's journey, fostering a thriving and resilient SME community across Australia.

Our Key Values:

We are driven by a deep commitment to integrity, authenticity, and honesty in all our endeavours. We dedicate ourselves to supporting the success and growth of small to medium-sized businesses, fostering an environment of trust and allegiance.



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