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Business Pathway Platform

A complete cloud platform to transform your business

Your Business Pathway platform is a complete cloud based system proven to help grow your business. The Member Portal and software Platform is designed to help business owners maximise the value of their business and take control of the organisation. It starts with your strategic goals and plans for the business, creating an action plan to hold you and your team accountable.

Inside the software:

High Performance

Business Analysis

Determines your personal and business goals, pain points and priorities using Client Needs Analysis and the HPB Quiz



Descriptions Identify how to improve
your profitability using this simple calculator and
suggested strategies



Increase accountability and companywide performance.

Milestones &


A completely automated task management and milestones system. Automatically reminds staff.

Cash Burn


A visual and interactive calculator allowing Businesses to get a better understanding of their cash flow and cash burn rates.



Instantly create cash flow statements, forecasts and budgets. Do simple “what if” analysis.

Make Better

Business Decisions

The Your Business Pathway Software includes health check diagnostics, business planning creators and cash flow management software. It includes a monthly KPI Dashboard to keep you in control. The project and management module sends alerts to you, the business owner to remind you of outstanding priorities.

Transform Your

Staff Into Assets

Create the right team to get you where you want to go. 70% of staff are not engaged in the business they work in. Disengaged workers are three times more likely to call in sick, but other expenses accumulate too: missed opportunities, reduced productivity, and the impact of stress on colleagues and business owners who are forced to pick up the slack.



Add a little bit of What do the best
businesses in the world have in common?
Systems that are automated. So why
should you not have a complete software
system in a box. Every month you wait, is
potentially costing you thousands and the
lifestyles you deserve.

Double Your

Business Value

Only 13% of businesses are prepared and

ready for an eventual exit. At some point,

you will need to exit your business, and

this SHOULD be one of the biggest financial events of your life... By owning a

business, you own an asset that could be

worth millions. Are you in the 13% that

are prepared and ready?

Save 20 Hours of

Your Time Per Week

Build a business that can run without you. Running a business does not have to be chaotic and stressful, and you will be surprised how simple strategies will save you HOURS. When a small business is systemised the owner has the power to transform it into an incredibly effective organisation.

1. Save yourself time - We have seen participants who implement the program methodologies achieve time savings in their business of up to 20 hours per week

2. Energy - If you have more free time on your hands, you have time to enjoy those precious moments with your family

3. Money - Systemising means fewer mistakes which mean less money rectifying them.

4. Less Stress - You are more in control so your stress levels will drop naturally.

Pricing Packages:

Improve Pathway

Software Program $129/mo(+GST)




Proven Business Software to organise and grow your business

Technical Support

Business Master Plan

Milestone & Projects Tool

Cashflow Monitoring

Profit Builder

Assessment & Analysis

KPI Dashboard


BAA Web Business Portal

Access to industry specific experts

Inclusion in National Directory

Networking to boost sales

Includes membership to Wiilson

Options to liaise with your Professional Business Advise one-on-one for higher level assistance

Advanced Pathway

Software Program $249/mo(+GST)




The ADVANCED pathway has all the features of the IMPROVED PATHWAY


HR & Operational Policies: Create your company's HR and Operational Policies in a fraction of the time. Maintaining your company documentation has never been easier.

CFO Reporting: Detailed financial reporting for small-medium businesses looking for financial reviews.

Cash Flow: Import your financial data for a monthly cash flow forecast to ensure you are aware of your business's cash business at any point in time and plan appropriately for any cash flow issues.

Only Available to BAA Members and Partners...

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