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The Business Advice Agency developed it's own Coaching and Advisory Division.

Built from the ground UP, the "Better Business Coach" network is fast becoming the most respected business Coaching and Advisory service in Australia.

Our coaches and advisors within the BBC network in Australia are highly qualified and set the industry standard for professional business coaching. All of our coaches and advisors are certified by the Institute of Advisors, which gives them the necessary experience and skills to effectively assist small businesses. Additionally, our coaches and advisors are the only professionals in this field who are affiliated with and supported by the Business Advice Agency and its extensive digital resources and member community.

Unfortunately, the coaching industry is "Unregulated" which means anyone can currently call themselves a coach, which is really bad for the unsuspecting business owner who places all his/her trust in such a person. If you have a coach or looking for a coach, ask them what experience and qualifications they have. BBC coaches & advisors all have certified qualifications and a history running business.

Our Coaches and Advisors can help you navigate around our platform, interact with other members and perhaps even connect you with the people of most benefit to you and your needs, like the BAA expert's in the partner panel.

As a member of the BAA community, you are welcome to take advantage of our complementary support and guidance. If you wish to further optimize the growth of your business or address a specific challenge, we encourage you to speak with one of our advisors/coaches to discuss the various options and fees available.



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