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What does BAA do?

Curious about what BAA does? Then check this out! -   BAA offers an extensive, easy to navigate, online platform that has been built by Australian Business Experts to help Aussie business owners build and manage a successful business. Whether you're facing business problems, starting or closing a business, or simply seeking guidance on running and managing your business, BAA’s got your back!   While there are plenty of DIY Business Building options available on the BAA platform, BAA sets itself apart by giving access to certified Coaches, Business Advisors, and industry experts. From finance gurus to Master Accountants, legal eagles, and marketing "Tech-Heads," we've got the expertise you need, when you need it! All this has been built on a secure platform, with a regulated compliance framework of ethics, honesty and integrity. It's like a WAREHOUSE full of support mechanisms for your business! There is nothing in the Australian market that compares to BAA, and we are proud of the life changing difference we are bringing to Aussie business owners around Australia!

What are the costs associated with joining BAA and how does the Subscription "Powerhouse" work ?

BAA provides a subscription-based online platform that offers unlimited access to various support mechanisms for business owners across Australia. A monthly  (or annual) cost-effective subscription ensures unlimited access to a powerhouse of support at an affordable price.

By becoming a member, you gain access to a wide range of services and products tailored to your specific needs. Whether you choose a monthly or annual subscription, BAA provides exceptional value at competitive prices. Click on the "JOIN TODAY" tab on the top of this page to see pricing and benefits to begin your membership journey. As an added bonus, BAA offers a complimentary FREE pathway to membership which incorporates "Wiilson," a dynamic Q&A forum where business owners network and collaborate.

How long has the Business Advice Agency been helping businesses?

The Business Advice Agency (BAA) was established in 2019 to address a significant market void in business support services. During the first three years of operation, BAA embarked on a comprehensive three-year Research and Development phase prior to commencing operations. They studied the existing landscape of business support services, analysed their impact on businesses, and identified effective solutions that yield successful outcomes.

What is the background of the Business Coaches and Advisors at BAA?

BAA has identified a concerning trend within the business coaching industry: many coaches lack practical experience in running a business and lack certified qualifications. This may have been a major factor contributing to the failure rate of businesses that have sought guidance from uncertified coaches. While legislation has not yet prohibited these practices, BAA is taking the lead in addressing this issue. Our team of coaches and advisors have successfully completed the certified Business Coach Course ( or similar) provided by the prestigious "Institute of Advisors," Australia's foremost formal coaching institution. Additionally, each coach brings valuable insights from their own thriving businesses, offering clients a wealth of "Tips and Tricks" to achieve success.

What services does the Business Advice Agency (BAA) provide?

BAA provides cost-effective and reliable services to business owners of varying sizes and stages of development. These include the DIY Business Start-Up Bootcamp (everything you need to know when starting a business), the "OptimizePRO "program to help you run and manage your business on an ongoing basis. Software programs are also available to assist with running your business more effectively. Additionally, members have access to one-on-one coaching, downloadable tools, over 200,000 courses (many of which are free), business training and management software, 24/7 support, networking opportunities, access to industry experts to answer specific questions and appropriate help and much more.

How does BAA cater to the operational requirements of business owners?

Within BAA, business owners can seamlessly migrate from one service to another to satisfy all their operational requirements. BAA offers a comprehensive platform with various services and solutions.

How does BAA address geographical support?

At BAA, we pride ourselves on offering more than just localized business support. We go the extra mile by providing enhanced networking opportunities on both local and national scales. Our online portal ensures that our services are accessible to all business owners, regardless of their geographical location. Furthermore, as we expand across Australia, our team of Industry Experts and Business Coaches will be stationed in various locations, ready to provide a "hands-on" approach to helping business owners succeed. If you know someone who could contribute to the business community, encourage them to reach out to us for potential collaboration.

What is the barrier for many business owners in hiring a coach?

In the business coaching industry, exorbitant fees charged by many coaches pose a significant obstacle for business owners. Affording these fees can potentially inflict further economic damage on their businesses. BAA has many different options from DIY to fully coached, covering all price ranges to suit your budget depending upon where you are in your business journey. Additionally, finding a reliable and competent coach to guide business owners in turning their businesses around or setting them on the right path is a challenge. Unlike many other providers, the Business Advice Agency (BAA) is an Australian-owned and operated organization that offers practical solutions without the hype and unrealistic promotional tactics often seen in the US market. BAA understands the unique needs of the Australian business landscape and provides tailored programs and software designed specifically for this market.

What is the biggest problem in the business support industry today?

Solutions to business owners problems are scattered all over the internet. There is a lot of "Fake-News" and inexperienced people in the business support industry because the government has NOT regulated this industry. Anyone can say they are a business expert, which is just not true!  BAA is the only regulated Business support organization in Australia with full certifications and aims to provide a comprehensive range of services to meet most business owners' needs.

Can anyone join BAA?

The Business Advice Agency's membership is open to all Australian business owners (with certain exclusions below), including those who are in the process of starting a new business. Whether you are an established business seeking additional support or considering starting a new business, the online HUB can provide you with the guidance and assistance you need to succeed.

Membership Exclusions:

1) In order to ensure the highest level of professionalism and quality for our members, we only engage business coaches and advisors from "Better Business Coach," which is a fully certified and qualified organization. Any coaches or advisors who are not regulated or do not meet our standards of professionalism are in violation of our code of conduct, hence excluded from the BAA membership.

2) Our membership is reserved for business owners only. Exception may be made by management on a case-by-case basis, which can be requested by emailing admin@businesadviceagency.com.au



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